Ways To Master Your Outdoor Patio DIY Tutorial

Ways to master your outdoor patio DIY tutorial. Patio is a garden shaped like a terrace located at the back or in the house. Patio is usually used to relax with families enjoying the scenery, chatting, eating and relaxing. Its existence as a complementary home today is not foreign anymore.

The word patio stems from the spanish habit of naming the garden or the back porch of the house as a patio. Then, in the fifteenth century BC, the population of countries whose climate is in the influence of the great desert began to use the word patio.

Patio for the Tropical Climate Area
The rise of the use of patio in desert countries such as egypt and its surroundings, due to the patio being the only way to have a garden at home. At that location, the park is protected from dry desert climate. Instead, the park is then a source of freshness in the house.

In Indonesia, patio has been found. However, its function is limited as a complement of residential architecture. Rich in sunshine and temperatures that tend to be warmer makes the use of patio is perfect for homes in Indonesia.

Area where this patio is usually blends with the house. Generally, the patio is given shape by providing asphalt, stone blocks, or concrete. Patio can also have a roof, but there is also a roofless (roofless). The patio we often encounter is made of concrete stone slabs built on stable land. This land can be built from pieces of pebbles, coarse sand, or cement layers in layers.

Patio not only add to the comfort and beauty of our home, but also has other benefits. You can get more natural lighting and hence can save the use of electrical energy. In addition, the patio includes the best way to integrate outdoors with home atmosphere. Patio also often for your guests, the first time entering your house and suddenly they find the freshness of the open garden in a house (which is in fact is a closed room).

Benefits and Usage Patio:
Bring the atmosphere of the park at home.
Adding fresh air circulation within the house.
Suck up as much sunlight as possible into the house.
Combine the open atmosphere with the house.
Presents freshness, comfort and beauty in the home