Under The Sea! +10 Crochet Octopus Cool For Baby

First of all, I want to introduce the types of dolls. In this first article, I will share about one type of doll called Amigurumi. This amigurumi doll is one type of doll that is loved among young people in Japan, can be seen also from its name. This doll is made of wool yarn knitted in such a way that it finally forms a cute doll. It is very preferred in making these dolls to produce cute and colorful shapes. A very common form is animal shapes such as bears and rabbits. Generally they are made with a head size that is much larger than the body. With such proportions of bodies, they are often called chibi which is usually meant to mention something funny, small, and adorable.

Another crafter that I like his works is Moel the originator of The Mogus. His works are in the form of monsters of octopus made using crochet and knitting techniques. The very special thing about this crafter is that he is a man. Why do I call it special? Generally people who are skilled at making works like this are women.

Octopus knitting doll therapy has been widely applied to premature babies in Europe. Doctors put the octopus doll next to the baby’s body and let the baby hold or hug the puppet tentacles. Usability: 1. The octopus doll makes the baby calmer. 2. Premature babies experience improvements in breathing and heart rate. 3. Increased oxygen levels in the baby’s blood. 4. The baby grasping the soft tentacles of the knitted doll will remind the baby when it is still connected to the cord in the mother’s womb. 5. Babies holding an octopus doll will be less likely to try tugging at the wires around the incubator.