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If you want the terrace or garden floor to look spectacular, what do you do? Make sure you observe what we gives to this. We will give some examples, such as trying to find reference prices on the market or characteristics of materials, so that it might be easier to determine the budget. There is something very important, depending on where you live, prices can vary and there are several specifications, so before you start designing a terrace or garden floor, find a budget and verify that all the material you want is where you live.

Terrace and garden floors will make your home more attractive and insurance will increase when the value of your property is ready and can also be enjoyed by the whole family.

If you have decided to build a terrace or floor in your garden, first choose materials that suit your home style and family tastes.

From marble tiles, cement tiles, ceramics, natural stone slabs, river stones, sea stones, clay tiles, wood, and many variants of these materials. As you can see, there are many choices and usually in detail design supports the area that you have set to build that floor.

On the terrace you can easily determine the steps and decide what to use, first consider your budget and look for ingredients to coat. In cases such as photos show that this terrace has a flat base, which is a building plate, and made almost 60% finished from work.

You should be aware that when talking about price per m2, you should check how much each box, such as pottery is sold per box, and each box can be more than 1m2 of ceramic.

If you prefer a terrace or deck that has a layer of stone, you are truly amazed at the variety on the Mexican market, in a variety of colors and sizes that can make a page beautiful. Black, blue, purple give shades of green and red with different textures, through fine lurik with different color lines for crystals.

The positive point is that the material is durable for natural components that are timeless, beautiful and elegant if you place it in a good composition. Like everything, it can have a disadvantage, if you are going to set it on the floor to make a terrace or part of the garden, you have to do it with someone who knows, because misplacing a stone causes problems when used frequently.