90 Savvy Ways To Make LEGO Fidget Spinner Like A Ninja

Savvy ways to make LEGO fidget spinner like a ninja. BENEFITS OF SPINNER FIDGET TOYS

Fidgeting that we unconsciously do is not the wrong behavior, but if you can control the behavior properly by playing the spinner fidget, it will give you a good effect. Some of them are as follows:

1. Train Right and Left Brain

Playing the spinner fidget turns out to train the right and left brain, Fidgetting movement is done in a directional and regular it can improve learning ability.

2. Reduce the risk for workers who often sit

You work in an office and just sit for hours with a stack of work? This game is perfect for you. A study in the UK says that a woman who performs fidgetting has a lower risk of premature death than those who just sit for hours.

3. Increase concentration

Another study conducted in New York says that fidgeting can improve memory and creativity. For example, it is easier for someone to receive information if he records information received on paper with a pencil / pen instead of on a laptop.

4. Smooth blood flow

A professor named Jaume Padilla of the MU Nutrition and Exercise Department of Physiology stated that the fidget movement of 250 beats per minute can help smooth the blood circulation.

5. Increase focus and reduce stress

Research conducted by the University of Hertfordshire mentioned that fidgeting can increase memory tests, lowered cortisol levels and lowered stress hormones.

If you see from the many studies that exist, the benefits of playing Fidget Spinner was quite a lot. So, you are interested to try it too?


Actually playing a finget sepinner is something very simple. We just hold the center (like a wheel) with two fingers (index finger and thumb), then rotate using middle finger
Fixing fidget with lego can be applied to spinner and cube fidget type. Try to make lego into spinner or cube. Good luck