7 Tips For Cube Fidget That’s Absolutely Can’t Miss Your Attention

7 Tips For Cube Fidget That’s Absolutely Can’t Miss Your Attention. If you are a person who often moves hands or feet when agitated, whether it’s twiddling a pen, tapping a finger to the table, or wiggling feet, this one toy can be a solution to restore your focus and attention. The toy is a cube fidget.
The cube fetch is taken from English which literally means “anxious box”, the cube fidget is a toy tool for those with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Both are brain development disorders that cause the sufferer, are implusive, hyperactive, and difficult to concentrate.
Cube fidget created by two brothers, Matthew and Mark McLachan from Denver, Colorado, United States. The toy was first launched in Kickstarter. The cube fan has six sides as well as dice, on each side there are different functions.

1. Click

With a five point-like click button on the dice, you can press all the buttons. There are two buttons that do not sound and three buttons that click “click”.
The two buttons on the design do not sound because if you are playing this side in a place that is required for silence as in the library, workplace, or other places.

2. Glide

For those of you who have played video games, would have been familiar with the form on the side of this one cube fidget. This side is shaped like a joystick. How to use it is the same as the video game joystick in general that is enough to place your thumb and rotate as you wish.

3. Flip

The design on this side is the same as the light switch. With this button, you can press both sides alternately as when you turn the light on and off. Suitable for those who used to love to play lights.

4. Breath

On this side, the shape resembles a hollow that serves to relax you by putting your thumb on the hollow. this side is made with the shape of adjusting the bottom of the thumb so comfortable to hold.

5. Roll

On this side there are two forms of iron balls and three gears. For an iron ball, you can play it by rotating the iron ball, pressing it, or doing both.
As for the three gears, you simply raise and lower the thumb so that the gears move. You can play iron balls and gears simultaneously.

6. Spin

It looks like a playable record. For you who often twirl the thumb, the shape on this side can make you feel comfortable sensation.