30+ Simple Rule About Festival Camping

Simple Rule About Festival Camping. Komunitas Kemah Keluarga Indonesia regularly organizes monthly Household Family Kopdar. According to the theme, according to Barata Ceppy Asmara Lubis, SE, MM, K3I founder, camps prioritize quality time in marriage. Special Kemah Ramadan 1438 Hijriah prioritizes the Islamic family tents camp.

In K3I activities are regularly filled with traditional children’s games, fun games, storytelling, parenting, photography, cooking with children, nursery, greening, living knowledge in the outdoors, social services and so forth.

“In Kemah Ramadan this time the participants are invited to jointly perform the activities of tadarus, learning fiqih (wudhu and salat), praying together, learning ahlak / adab, charity, compensation duafa, fun games, sahur and break fast together,” explained Ceppy.

Compared to the camp on a normal day, the audience of Kemah Ramadan is less. Because most members choose to practice Ramadan at home. But it does not dampen the spirit of the members held this 1438 H Ramadan Camp.