30+ Secrets Of Historic Glam House

Secrets Of Historic Glam HouseFor those of you who like a touch of glamor on the decoration of the bedroom or other rooms at home, often you are too push yourself until the room is not comfortable. Though, there is a simple way you can do to make the house seem glamorous without sacrificing comfort.

There are several simple ways to realize the kenginan. Consider the following tips:

Add decorative pillow
You can add decorative pillows to the sofa or cot in your home. No exception decorative cushions for your bed. Choose a variety of pillowcases rich in texture and color according to the feel of the room where he is.

Metallic details
In order to sparkle the interior more noticeable, you can include just a few metallic items. You can choose a metallic light or a glass glass frame. Limit your use of metallic items so that you yourself do not feel the glare, especially if the items are reflected in sunlight or lights.

Put a chandelier
In addition to making the space becomes brighter, chandelier crystals are also able to make your home more glamorous impressed. Some time ago, fengsui experts also said that the presence of chandeliers can provide positive energy in your home. Well, what are you waiting for?

Special in the dining room, you can add a glamorous impression by investing in good quality tableware. Look for plates, cups, and spoons and forks with a little gold or chrome finishing.

Tiles “shine”
Still around the dining area, precisely in the cooking area, you can choose tiles that reflect light as backsplash.
Luxurious detail
Finally, you can provide simple luxurious details on simple fixtures in your home. For example, you can decorate a lampshade, door handle, or towel rack in your bathroom with rhinestones.