25 Types Of Door Knockers Vintage

Types Of Door Knockers Vintage Door knockers may be used in solid or hollow styles, even though the installation method differs. The door knocker has to not only suit the property, but in addition suit the door that it’s going to be put on also. It’s rather simple to locate antique door knockers online although you need to be careful as there are also lots of replicas that are often so well made that it may be hard to tell the difference.

A door knocker has to be within reach of the normal user. The door knocker needs to be hung at a comfortable height to permit your visitors to be in a position to reach this, and it’s well worth taking your time to measure the precise middle of the door to position it as it’s going to be obvious if it’s even slightly off centre. If you are searching for antique door knockers, you also have the choice of looking this up by category.

When searching for a proper door knocker, be certain to take into account the style of the house and the door where the knocker is going to be used. Although nearly all door knockers are made from metal, they are available in such a wide range of designs and finishes that it’s simple to find one which is as expressive as you are. There are several great door knockers to pick from.