Ways To Minimalist Decor

Ways to minimalist decor. Luxury homes can not only be obtained with excessive decoration. But, even a simple house can also be luxurious with some of the following home decorating tips. Let’s follow the following simple but luxurious home decoration keys!
Warm wall color or minimalist wallpaper
One of the main keys in simple but luxurious home decoration is the choice of wall design. Either you choose a plain wall color with warm colors like white, gray or beige or decorate them with minimalist wallpaper. You can choose a wallpaper with a lace or abstract motif with a warm color. Most importantly, make sure every aspect of the room is balanced and also unified.
Watch for messy cables
One of the things that can ruin the simple but luxurious home decor is the disruption of the cables lying carelessly. Starting from cable TV, fan, charger and various other cables. To realize the perfect home decor, make sure you’ve hidden the cable so as not to spoil the decor.

Decorate the wall with photos of family moments
Use the bar counter for the kitchen
Keep it simple
Simple but luxurious home decor will be more perfect if you carry a minimalist theme. With a minimalist, not only visible from wall decoration and motif selection, but also with visible equipment. No need to choose too much decoration and also wall decorations. Choose some that can be a statement item compared to displaying too many decorations but make the room look full
Use matching decoration colors
Luxury is not always about chandeliers
Chandelier can indeed make the room become more luxurious, but make the loss of the atmosphere of simplicity. For a simple but minimalist home decor, rather than pairing a costlier chandelier, you should choose a minimalist modern chandelier, such as spheres, abstract ornaments and pyramid forms. Guaranteed, your minimalist home decor is not less luxurious and also classy!
Put the items in a display cabinet
If you have many displays, try not to spread the display in different corners of the room but incorporate the display in a display cabinet. For example, ranging from favorite books to the vital memory memories you can put in a cupboard on one wall, parallel to putting the TV in order not to eat too many spots at home.
Put all the useless stuff in one closet

Show off more traveling souvenirs
Choose a ladder without a rebuttal