Want To Cover Crop ? Now You Can !

Want To Cover Crop ? Now You Can ! Soil Cover Plants, also known as Legum Cover Crop (LCC), is a plant specially planted to improve soil structure by improving the physical properties and soil chemical properties so as to restore soil fertility.

This can occur because the plant is symbiotic with the Nitrogen-binding bacteria, so that nitrogen availability in the soil becomes elevated. So, this plant is grown with the aim of improving the soil structure so that fertility increases again so ready to be re-planted with the main crop. Given the purpose of LCC planting is to improve the soil structure to be replanted, the LCC plant must meet several conditions, namely:

Rooting does not disturb the main plant. In this case, the roots of the LCC plant should be easily rooted roots, leaving no residual roots in the soil that can disrupt the main plant.

Easily propagated vegetatively and generatively and quickly grow. With the ease of propagation of this plant, more and more LCC plants that grow so that the faster fertility is obtained and the more land that can be repaired structure in a short time.

Resistant to drought, shelter, pests and diseases. The resistance of this plant to various disruptions makes this plant is not easy to die, so the process of increasing soil fertility was not disturbed.

Has potential in providing high organic material. The potential in question is the ability of these plants in binding substances in the soil to improve soil fertility.