Wanitamalas Want To Start Fly Fishing

Wanitamalas Want To Start Fly Fishing. Among the various fishing techniques, fly fishing is uniquely unique. This technique requires the expertise of the angler in whipping up the fishing rod. And create artificial feeds. As the name implies, fly fishing comes from the word flies which means insects. In practice, preoccupation This technique lies in the technique of whipping a hook and landing the bait on water so it resembles real flies.

Why is it called fly fishing? For sport fishing this type on initially identical to using flies / insects as bait. Insects or flies or dragonflies may be initially tied to the hook sharp fishing rods. While the technique of fly fishing today, more modern, the use of flies or insects as bait is not so popular again. Now replaced with feather tied in such a way as to be so rich in various colors to resemble insects. Its use is based on its water type, fish type and current.

The specialty of fly fishing is because the angler is required to know the character of the fish, its place of life, and its food. From there, new anglers can make artificial baits that resemble food fish, and how to lure it. Roll cast techniques must be mastered by all fly fisherman and must be mastered first by all beginners in fly fishing before they attempt to master the technique other castings are more difficult and complex.

Roll cast is usually used for casting in narrow areas or a place that does not allow for normal casting / (Back cast) / eg the area behind the angler is a lot of shuttles such as trees and / or shrubs, rivers or ponds too small, and others. Roll cast is also a practical solution such as straightening the fly line before anglers do back cast.