Wanitamalas Have Reasons Why I Chose Van Dwelling Lifestyle

Wanitamalas : Reasons Why I Chose Van Dwelling Lifestyle. Like most teenagers, Mike Hudson may not be content with a seemingly ordinary lifestyle. British teenagers who initially work as machine workers are often on vacation, walk, and out the night like most people. But you need to know, Hudson does it all in a unique and different way.

The uniqueness of how the Hudson holiday is located from a loyal van to accompany him. This car is not just a hudson vehicle, but also a place to live walking or can also be called as his apartment. As a place to live, of course, this 26-year-old teenager does not forget to equip it with some facilities like a real apartment.

In the beginning he owns this van, his condition is really messy. Maybe no one will ever glance at him. And if we see from the initial conditions, we certainly would never think this simple car can be transformed into a comfortable and complete residence.

It took four months for Hudson to design and modify the space of this car to become a walking apartment. Surely these creative ideas do not appear simultaneously. She had to rack her brain so that this van could be equipped with a kitchen, living room, bathroom, work space and a place to sleep. And all that he can apply in this van.