Wanitamalas Have Pro Tips To Nail Your Kayak Tours in Maui

Be careful when using Kayak boats on the sea because it could be wild animals are trying to prey on you. Fellow victims who also go fishing while climbing kayak said that the victim was fishing with plastic fish bait. Suddenly, he continued, a shark biting the victim’s legs that hung on the edge of the boat.

The victim’s partner, about 500 meters away from the victim, heard the victim’s scream and rushed to help him. Fellow victims tried to stop the bleeding experienced by the victim, while requesting help from the nearby tourist boats. With the boat tour, the victim was taken to the beach and then rushed to the local hospital. But unfortunately, the lives of victims can not be saved.

Maui police called the victim Patrick A. Briney of Stevenson (57) and came from Washington. Police believe that the victim had died from his wounds while on his way to the coast by boat.

Such incidents are quite common in Hawaii. On 29 November, a woman was injured by a shark attack in Keawekapu Beach, which is just a few miles from Little Beach.

Then on August 14, a German tourist was killed after being bitten by a shark at Palauea Beach, which is also in the Makena region. The hands of a 20-year-old woman were badly wounded by the shark’s bite