Unsuspecting Fishing At Boltim

Unsuspecting Fishing At Boltim. If you want to Boltim, there is a fishing place that is a pity if you do not try it.
Located not far from the central government of the Office of the Regent of Boltim. To go to the place only takes 5-10 minutes with two-wheeled vehicles or four.
The place is located in the village of East Paret, Tutuyan District.
On the coast are inhabited many people from the islands of Sangihe and Talaud.
One of them who already feel the greatness of this place is a fisherman from Talaud named Hitler Bawata (56).
When met Friday (12/5) Hitler again preparing for the sea.
The traditional 2.5-meter bamboo fishing pole has been prepared by Hitler Bawata (56) to fish
By 6:00 pm, Hitler was getting ready, holding the fishing pole started out of the house along the black sand, to go to the fishing line.
Usually a place for memacing is an iron baseball barge named Robby 58 that has rusted on the shore of Paret village. The bow position is on land while the water is in the water. Because the ship is large, then to climb to the top using homemade bamboo stairs.
“It’s easy to fish here a lot, because there are some ship bodies that sink down, into a fish hide,” said Buang, a familiar call Hitler.
In addition, Hitler tells a little about the likes and sorrows when memingg night he said, the cold night air did not make up for memacing, so lasted until 24:00 pm.

The result of inducement from afternoon until night can turn on his family
Discard the familiar greeting Hitler said, fish obtained Bubara, snapper, goropa and squid.
If the moon is not good, then memacing using a boat. The results obtained quite the money Rp150.000 / day.
Catch up on this job since elementary school dropout until now. Currently has three children. Only one is still in school, while his two sisters work as traditional sailors.
He added, when the big waves from the south and north, it can not go to sea. For that choose farming.
While Agus Maniku (26) said, almost all residents near the coast of Paret memacing on this shipwreck.
“Later we will line up to fish,” said Agus.
According to him, today (Friday, 5/5) is the season of squid, then surely tonight will be a lot of fishing here.