How To Unmask Fishing Lures DIY Homemade Bottle Caps

How To Unmask Fishing Lures DIY Homemade Bottle Caps. Cover bottles are usually only used as waste that is not useful but in the hands of people kraetif this bottle cap can be a fishing bait. In addition to this bottle cap holder can replace bait such as fish or shrimp, In the water bottle cap is attractive to fish. So ikanpun grab this bottle cap.

The way select bottle cap that interesting color. Cover the rounded bottle and then flatten it with a hammer or other tool. Put the bottle cap on your fishing pole, set it so that the bottle cap resembles a real feed.

Sport fishing anywhere may be the impression bait that we can not forget at the time of fishing, fishing wherever located must require bait, this time is quite a good advice if we choose a bait that anyone can make it because the material hook and cover tea bottle or Any bottles made of zinc.

Fishing hook the size you want
Choose a hook that is forked 3 because the sea type fish just want to eat it
Kili-kili to tie the strings to the rod
For enough reviews you notice the picture just because it makes the bait is quite easy and practical.