The Ultimate Vacation To The Beach Guide

The Ultimate Vacation To The Beach Guide. Just imagine the beach breeze and the calming waves. The clear sea water that refreshes the eye, making the beach as one of the best destinations for a vacation. Moreover in Indonesia alone many beaches are not less beautiful you know.

It has always been a favorite beach for a vacation destination. Whether with family or friends, the beach becomes an interesting place to just hang out or play water. Not infrequently also many people who make the beach as a place to win yourself from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. If you have a vacation plan to the beach, here are the things to carry.

1. Sunscreen / sunblock

Sunscreen or sunscreen into one of the items you must take it on vacation to the beach. For those of you who do not want their skin to be dark, try selecting SPF 50 that can help protect skin from exposure to sunlight. In addition to sun screen, do not forget to protect your lips with lipbalm.

2. First Aid Kit

Drugs are very important when vacationing to the beach. Because it does not close the possibility of a wound caused by coral streaks. The medicine box you can fill with wound plaster, wound drops, to wound cleaning alcohol.

3. Beach Towels

Not infrequently many who forget to bring beach towels while on vacation. Beach towels have a difference with the towels commonly used for bathing. Usually beach towels are wider than regular towels. In addition to drying the body, ordinary beach towels used as a base to sit on the sand. If, no beach towel, you can use other fabrics for pedestal when sitting on the beach.

4. Freezer Bag / cooler

Perhaps many forgot to bring a freezer bag while on vacation to the beach. Yup, freezer bag is sometimes needed for your drink to keep it cool. Freezer bag itself consists of various sizes tailored to your needs.

5. Waterproof phone bag

Avoid the risk of cell phones exposed to sea water with waterproof phone bag. The waterproof bag for this phone is very useful, because you can also take photos while playing water without having to harm your phone. Make sure when using this, your phone is completely closed.

6. Camera and Music Player

Yup, do not let your vacation moments are not immortalized. Do not forget to bring a camera to capture exciting moments with relatives while on vacation at the beach. In addition to the added excitement of your holiday with the music through the music player.

7. Cute Floats

Ban pool is now present again after so long not used except for small children. With a variety of characters such as flamingos, pizzas, and donuts can add to your turmeric while on vacation at the beach.

How, ready for a vacation to the beach? Do not forget to check back your luggage yes.