Therapy Fidget Ways To Fire Up Your Focus

Therapy fidget ways to fire up your focus. One of the trendy toys for kids is the spinner fidget. Toys are played in this way is claimed to improve the focus and concentration of children.

The spinner’s fadget was first popular in the United States. The toy is even included in 10 best-selling toys at in May 2017. In the US, schools are starting to forbid their students from bringing the spinner fidget to school because it interferes with learning.

Not only liked the children, toys like fan propeller is also much sought after adults. The reason, the spinner fidget can relieve stress. The game is bustlingly uploaded to social media and becomes viral in the community.

To play the spinner fidget, we need to hold the center of the spinner with thumbs and fingers, then use the other fingers to rotate. It takes coordination between the hands and the eyes so that these toys can spin long and balanced.


Indeed there has been no scientific study done on the benefits of this game. However, there are some experts who say that doing the game twist by hand can help us stay focused and calm.

According to Julie Schweitzer, behavioral researcher, children with attention and behavioral disorders (ADHD) will benefit from playing a fidget game (turning slowly, bouncing, or moving slowly).

However, the equipment used in the therapy is usually a large rubber ball. The result is not necessarily the same as using a small spinner in the hand like a spinner. So, it has not been proven whether the spinner fidget can indeed improve the focus.

Basically eliminating boredom (fidgeting) is an activity that we often do, though without spinner. If you ever press the head of the pen repeatedly, in fact we are also doing “fidgeting”.

Many people say that pressing objects in the hand does help them stay focused while doing a job or joining a long meeting. The object is not just a pen, but also earphones, paperclips, or nails