Why Orange Zucchini Bread Make The Best Friends

Why orange zucchini bread make the best friends ? If during this zucchini processing only for vegetables and breast milk companion menu or MPASI, Michelle Southan on Taste page introduce a new way to enjoy zucchini. One way is, by making it a mixture in bread dough combined with the sweetness of honey.

Zucchini is a small green pumpkin greens. Overview of this vegetable shape similar to green cucumbers. To be able to consume it must be cooked first. This vegetable is not edible without cooking. In Indonesia, Zucchini also known as Timun Jepang.

The greatest nutrient content of this vegetable is in the skin. Zucchini contains many fiber, vitamin A, C and B complex, beta carotene, potassium, folate and riboflavin. Vegetables that contain high antioxidants can help fat metabolism.

300 gr of flour
2 pieces of zucchini, grated scars
155 grams of brown sugar
90 grams of walnut, roughly chopped
120 grams of butter, melted
1 banana, crushed
2 eggs
50 gr raisins, roughly chopped
Honey for topping to taste

# Butter donuts:
150 gr butter
8 tbsp honey

#How to make:
– Mix the flour, zucchini, brown sugar and walnuts, mix well.
-Add butter, banana and eggs, and mix well.
-Enter into baking sheet that has been covered with bread paper and butter spread.
-Buff up to about 30 minutes. Lift
-Pull out the pan and let stand for about 10 minutes.
-Sut the butter and honey with a high-speed mixer, stirring until the dough is soft and white.
-Short honey butter on bread.
-Runed with raisins and honey.