Surprising Lighting Installation

Surprising Lighting Installation. Selection of interior lighting is often ignored when decorating a room.

Is not it, guys?

Surely there are still many of you who put the lights on it, that is …

Stick to the ceiling surface and use only one lamp.

Even though..

If you really consider the design, colors, as well as the form …

The interior lights can provide a very attractive display effect.

What are the benefits of choosing the right interior lamp?

This is it…

Will make the color of home interior decoration increasingly visible,
Providing a warm feel and atmosphere in the room,
Provide identity confirmation to each zone in the room at home.
Very interesting is not the benefit?

Let’s read this article to complete then you will get a very clear guide in choosing the right interior lights for occupancy.

After knowing the positive benefits of choosing the right interior lighting, now …

Let’s move on to the discussion of the types of lights below.


General Lighting

General lighting or often referred to as general lighting is the main source of lighting at home.

Here it is a lamp placement design that is very commonly used by people for their dwelling.

This lamp is located in the center of the room or the points are symmetrical and flat.

The purpose of the use of general interior light is to make the whole room look very clear and thorough.


The lights used for this type of lighting are downlights and tubular lamp (TL).


Special Lighting

Special lighting or often called task lighting is a light that shines focused on an area or place.

The purpose of installing this type of lighting is …

To help perform certain activities.

Such activities are usually to:

Also to make handicrafts.
Using your own task lighting will make your eyes healthier and less tense during the activity.

Not only does it help smooth …

Task lighting can also shape and reinforce a certain atmosphere in the room.


Accent light
The next type of lighting lamp is …

Accent lights or accent lighting.

Interior Lighting

This one interior light is almost the same as the task lighting, which is focused on a special area.

However …

This type of light is more used to highlight special objects such as paintings and art objects.

The goal is to present different nuances through interesting visual forms.

Accent lights are usually equipped with spotlight.

This is done in order to appear a strong light bias so that the light is focused on the target object.