Summer DIY You Can’t Miss This Project

Summer DIY you can’t miss this project. The art and the caste work project takes time and patience that you do not have while attending school, but is an activity suitable for summer time, Here are some ideas:
Fold the heart shape of paper. You can cut heart-shaped notes to your dear ones, or take a square-shaped origami paper to create a more beautiful shape. There are more origami origami origami projects you can try.
Make a plate-colored crayon, or try melting crayons on hot rocks to make artwork.
Make your own slime or toy candles. Wear these strange materials to joke, or just play for fun.
Make a hot air balloon. These balloons can travel hundreds of miles a day, and are very easy to make.

If only you could pack the summer flavor and keep it for later? Well you can not catch the sun, but you can put in the summer flavor in autumn by making your own blackberry jam. The vitamins packed in berries succeed in growing just about anywhere, so you’ll have little trouble picking your own group. Then with just a little lemon juice and sugar you can turn it into a nice jam, it’s just as much fun as a gift from friends and family, like on a slice of your own toast in the morning.

There is a simple recipe that you can use to make natural hairsprays, free phthalates. The main function of hairspray is to hold our hair in place, however, the natural solution also offers many other benefits.
This Sea salt spray helps add volume to your hair because of Epsom salts and sea salt, which creates texture, while aloe vera and coconut oil act as a moisturizer. Coconut oil is widely known for its superior moisturizing effect and if you are worried about the smell of palm oil lingering in your hair, use virgin coconut oil instead of virgin coconut oil, as the former lacks the strong aroma of having the most delicate coconut oil.

1 cup warm water
1 tbsp sea salt
1 tsp Epsom salt
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 tablespoon gel aloe vera
5 drops of essential oil, optional

1. heating water over medium heat but not boiling
2. Add sea salt and epsom salts until dissolved
3. Add coconut oil and stir until completely melted
4. Add aloe vera gel
5. Add essential oil if you prefer and stir
6. Pour in a spray bottle for convenient use