The Subtle Art Of Snorkeling Equipment Product

Snorkeling is a dive activity on the surface of sea water is very easy and favored by many people. In contrast to diving, underwater diving activities with the help of oxygen and some special tools.

However, everyone can also dive with a snorkle tool inside with freediving techniques (breathing) or by using a dry snorkle tool. For those of you who can not swim, do not worry because there are life jackets to keep your body floating.

But before that, let’s see first if you want to snorkel enough to have three tools, namely, masks, snorkle, and fins.

1. A good mask is what gives you a wide and clear view while in the water. Choose a skirt mask made of silicone and in accordance with the shape of the face.

2. There is a wide selection of color masks. Customize with favorite color or choose bright color contrast with sea water so it will look eye catching when photographed in water.

3. Reflecting (if any) to make sure the mask position is correct, there is no gap between skirt mask and facial skin. In addition, check the skirt mask between nose and lips to prevent discomfort while breathing in the water.

4. A good snorkel is one that uses the latest and elastic materials to help breathing while diving.

5. Check the parts of the mouth pieces and choose which can be replaced if you have a habit of biting the rubber mouth pieces while diving.

6. Good fin is comfortable to wear and has a design that fits the shape and size of the foot.

7. Select fin fin that wide and stiff. The wider the better it is used in the ocean, whereas the rigid fin fin will give a great thrust.

8. If you already have the ability to swim above average should choose fin with split model, if otherwise then choose fin with paddle model.

9. Choose a fin that can not be bent on the leg room. There are fins that can be bent on the leg room (like bending running shoes), some people often feel pain in the back of the foot when using this type of fin.

10. Choose fin colors to taste or contrast with the color of sea water, such as yellow, orange, or pink. The choice of eye-catching fin color will increase the satisfaction and confidence while in the water.