Stunning Decorating Small Spaces That Will Give You Neat And Utilize

Stunning Decorating Small Spaces That Will Give You Neat And Utilize. Actually there are many tips and tricks to design the interior of a room. For example, for a narrow room and minimalist style. Although the size is limited, but actually there are many ways to work around it to look spacious and spacious. The main key is to make every corner of the room look neat and utilize a furniture or accessories as the center of attention. This means: The slightest thing can give a big influence on the look of the room.

And if you find it difficult to arrange a minimalist home style or apartment that is usually small, five tips from following tips.
1. Installing Krei in Every Window

In a room large enough, the presence of windows that opened wide can provide a good light intake for the room. However, if living in a narrow dwelling like a studio apartment, you must install a curtain or krei in every window.

Its function is not only to maintain privacy, but also block the reflection of direct sunlight that interfere with comfort in the room. Choose a krei that can be rotated or drawn with a choice of material that is light and simple. You can buy krei size that fits the window size at the nearest home appliance store.

2. Furniture that does not touch the floor

Not touching the floor does not mean the furniture is hanging on the ceiling or wall. Although floating furniture is very ergonomic to fill the room minimalist, but what is meant here is furniture that is denied by the legs a few centimeters.

Furniture like this can give the impression of cool and spacious in the room. So start buying furniture with feet not only on the sofa, but also on the bed, cabinets, and cabinet.

3. Hanging Rack for Saving Book Collection

Hanging rack is a choice of furniture that fits perfectly into the narrow room and minimalist style. The simple model and no barrier make it very fit to support your book collection.

Choose a white hanging shelf if your wall paint is white to look blurry. At the bottom of the rack can also be used to put a cabinet or table to store other objects so you can save space effectively.

4. Wide-Sized Carpet

Choosing a small carpet is the most common mistake when decorating a small room. Your room just seems so narrower than the real condition. So always buy a carpet that size big enough to fill the floor of the room in full.

5. Large Art Work

Similar to carpets, filling the room with hanging art like photographs or paintings on small walls will only make the room look cramped. So, you should select a display that is proportional in size to fill the room. Not too big but also not too small.

Avoid making decorations that consist of a collection of accessories or small hangers because it makes the room so impressed mess. Simply select a piece of art that is qualified and has a size that fits with a high ceiling.