Are You Still Wasting Money On RV Modification ?

Are You Still Wasting Money On RV Modification ? Liked to travel by car and sleep in the outdoors ? Product labeled QUQUQ this seems to be one of the standard equipment that must dipiliki.Paket products offered QUQUQ can make a standard van to camper van complete with equipment for 2 people. The product is a camping box measuring 110 x 75 cm with a weight of 60 kg. Who can enter in the rear of the van when the bench is folded. Can change the standard MPV so camper van in just 1 minute without any change. How to install it is easy, just fold the rear seat, then enter the box earlier in the back of the trunk. Fun, the box functions like a closet. Can be opened on the back side. Then look at some small cribs in it.

If you want to cook stay drag the left drawer. There is a usable stove. The bottom can be used to deviate the cookware. Then in the middle of the box there is space to deviate bag or small suitcase. If you want to wash dishes or ingredients can open the rightmost drawer. There was a large bottle of water on the top with a tap. While under it there is a container to hold the water.

If you want to sleep, just open the folding mattress that is above the box. If it is open, the 10 cm thick foam has a size of 110 x 195 cm. Could be to accommodate two adults. Previously front and middle seat backrest should be folded first so as not to stall. QUQUQ is sold in Germany for around Rp 38 million. Available for various types of MPV cars circulating in Europe. Interested?