Paris, You Can’t Miss This Enchanting Place

Paris, you can’t miss this enchanting place. Speaking of sights in France certainly can not be separated with a romantic vacation. France is a romantic place, from the eiffel tower to the wine that spoils lovers. So what are the most romantic places in France there? Who is planning a visit to France, or just want to know the most romantic sights in France, following the list of most romantic attractions in France.

Immediately, create a more loving scenery, here are 20 spots in France are nice place to visit together couples.

Pont des Arts in Paris, is a french holiday place where couples “lock” their love to the side of the bridge with a padlock of love

Little Venice in Colmar, Alsace, with ancient fairytale and canal architecture. Feeling a prince and princess in this place
Chateau de Villandry in the Loire Valley with a “love garden” registered in UNESCO. The garden is like a maze. Suitable for the road together.
Miroir des Quais in Bordeaux, the largest water mirror in the world, where the tradition is for couples to stand up and gaze at their reflections. Here’s a magical place. Like staring into another world behind glass
Saint-Valentin “love village” in the Loire Valley. A village full of love celebrations.
The Jardins de Giverny, who inspired Claude Monet to paint water Lillies. A place filled with flowers.
The famous Les Saintes in Guadeloupe, with its “tourment d’amour” cakes and heart-shaped bays.
The beacon of The Phare de Baleines on the Ile de Ré. The circular staircase heading up is really unique. On top, my friend can enjoy the beautiful scenery.
Squirrel island, a heart-shaped island in Tahiti.
Chateau de Chenonceau in the Loire Valley is a gift from King Henry II to the love and idol of his heart, Diane de Poitiers. Like the castle above the river. So cool. And romantic.
Ilet Oscar in Martinique, with clear blue waters and white sand beaches. A romantic island suitable for honeymoon.
The wall “I love you” in Montmartre, Paris, where the word “I Love you” is written more than 1000 times in more than 300 different languages. Other couples would be jealous to see a photo buddy with a lover here.
Iles Sanguinaires off the coast of Corsica, its blazing colors from the setting sun reflected in the sea
The Megève in Rhône Alpes is a place full of snow. The beauty of this place makes the activity together fun.
Carcassonne in the Languedoc-Roussillon, with a medieval town, the Canal du Midi and the lush vineyards around the city. It was like going back to the queen victoria era.
Albi in the Midi-Pyrenees, is home to the painter Toulouse Lautrec. Another beautiful city in France.
Locronan in Brittany is a unique French tourist spot. This place is used for filming The Three Musketeers movie, and is the perfect place for a romantic trip.
Paul de Vence in the hills of Provence, is a favorite place for artists and poets. For friends and spouses can walk down the street in the city on this hill, then stop at the cafe on the roadside