Never Worry Again About Poached Eggs Calories

Never worry again about poached eggs calories. Eggs are a food known for its protein content. In addition, eggs are also beneficial for your health. Recently broke the news that eating boiled eggs a day really better than eating fried eggs. Eating boiled eggs were also analyzed to help those who are doing a diet.

According to Professor of the Faculty of Public Health Airlangga University, Prof. dr. Bambang Wirjatmadi, MS. MCN. Ph.D (Nurtition) Sp.GK, breakfast is two eggs boiled or steamed egg can indeed help the diet, as long as it should be balanced with other nutrient intake as well, to keep the rules eat that lunch and dinner.
Humans need 2000 calories per day needs, if at breakfast time humans requires one-third of the caloric needs.

Eating boiled eggs as breakfast can meet the needs of calories needed each morning, because the egg weighing 50 to 60 grams contains 308 calories. With an appropriate caloric needs, of course, the body will not save a lot of excess calories in fat tissue cells.

That is the reason why eating boiled eggs can lose weight. However, if the assumption that eating boiled eggs satiating very untrue because ate two boiled eggs at breakfast only make a full stomach until lunch time.
Why eating boiled eggs is better than eating fried eggs? The answer is, if you eat a fried egg will grow anyway calorie content because of the influence of the oil used. By boiling can also anticipate if the egg contains a virus, the virus can be lost if it is boiled to Mantang with a temperature of 64 degrees Celsius. The nutrient content of eggs will not be lost even if cooked at high temperatures and with long time.

Although eating boiled eggs can lose weight, but it should still be consumed wisely. Excessive eating eggs can trigger side effects because it needs other nutrients such as carbohydrates and fats can not be met. In addition, the egg also has a high protein content. If consumed in excess of the proteins that must be broken body is also high. The process of protein breakdown into energy will burden the kidneys and liver work. Therefore, consume wisely enough eggs 2 boiled eggs as breakfast. However, for those who have a cholesterol problem may only eat eggs 2 to 3 eggs a week.