How To Make Strawberry Rhubarb Cream Cheese Bars In Just A Few Hours

How to make strawberry rhubarb cream cheese bars in  just a few hours. Rhubarb (Hyssopus Officinalis) is one type of plant similar to taro and taro. Rhubarb is a plant whose leaves are poisonous but the stem is very popular and delicious made into foodstuffs, especially as a mixture of making cakes and various other dishes.

Rhubarb has green leaves with wavy and wide shapes while the stems are used for red foodstuffs. In terms of taste, rhubarb unlike most vegetables because it has a tendency that is sweet so it is more often used as a mixture of cakes, especially pie.

Inside the Rhubarb rod is a fascinating red contained anti-bacterial which when consumed can help the body fight disease caused by bacteria and avoid the occurrence of inflammation. Similarly, the content of vitamin C and fiber are quite a lot can help improve endurance. However, for those vulnerable to uric acid should be avoided because Rhubarb contains Oxalic Acid that triggers the occurrence of uric acid.

Maybe not everyone knows what Rhubarb is. Rhubarb is a kind of taro or taro tree, a plant whose leaves are poisonous but its stalks can be used as foodstuffs and are very tasty, especially for pudding mixes. Rhubarb is one of the elements of food that deserves attention. This is because not only serves as one of the ingredients in the cake, but also can be used as a major role in sharing dishes.

With red stems from the rhubarb plant, which are technically called vegetables, it was decided by a New York court, the United States, to be included in the classification of fruit rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber.

Rhubarb 95% consists of water, so to cook it very easily and quickly. The most basic method commonly used is to remove the leaves, cut the stems and place them in a pan with several cups of water.

After boiling, reduce the heat and let until the rhubarb decomposes into pulp for about ten minutes.

To sweeten, give enough sugar and add the spices you like. Usually Americans use honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom.

To make a delicious drink from rhubarb can follow the following recipe, add a liter of water to rhubarb, shake it and then pour it through a sieve.

The pink liquid you filtered was rhubarb juice and ready to serve. You can also make a kind of light snack by other means, by mixing the thick yoghurt into the bowl then add a handful of chopped pistachio on top.