70 How To Make Lunch All Week For 20$

How to make lunch all week for 20$When the end of the month is usually the most ‘torture’. The money in the bag does not increase, it decreases while the payday date is still far away. Imagine the food at the beginning of the month that feels mediocre, just make hungry yes, Ladies?

Well, this collects 5 home recipes that could be your savior at the end of the month. Capitalized money 2$, you can make these delicious food menus. In fact, some recipes only require a budget below 2$ you know. Well, the news is really happy for kids boarding, especially.

So, instead of you spinning looking for ideas today’s cuisine, come immediately to try  collection of this recipe :

1. Corn soup
2. Spicy sweet bean sprouts
3. Martabak noodles
4. Fried rice
5. Spicy Eggplant