How To Make Your Fishing Lures DIY Homemade With Bottle Cap

How To Make Your Fishing Lures DIY Homemade With Bottle Cap. For those of you fishing maniac, why spend money buying various types of fish bait, let’s make your own from the bottle cap.
Tools and materials:
– Cover the used bottle 1 pcs
– Ball weigh 4 pcs
– Small iron ring 2 pcs
– Hook
– Nails to puncture bottle caps
– Pliers

How to make:
– Hole the side of the bottle cap by using a nail, one hole up each side, one hole again on the opposite side, with a record of two holes should be located exactly diagonal bottle cap.
– Take two small iron rings, with the help of pliers, open the ring and input in two holes that have been made then clasp back so that the ring hangs on both holes
– Put four small ball-shaped iron balls in the bottle cap, then bend the bottle cap so that both sides meet, and the ball ball in it does not spill out (note, the buckling way of the bottle cap should be the diagonal of the bottle cap, or in the direction of two holes made, So the result hole one is above, and the other one hole is at the bottom with ball ball be in the middle.
– Attach the hook to the small iron ring on the bottom, and the iron ring at the top of its function to fasten the fishing strings.
– Bait cans lid finished, can be used in rivers, lakes or seas, tailored to the hook