Little Known Ways To Go Fishing In Anambas

Little Known Ways To Go Fishing In Anambas With Mens Fishing Shirts Funny Life. Residents choose to do fishing activities when unable to go to sea because of the northern wind season in Anambas, Thursday (29/12/2016) In Tarempa Anambas Islands District, fishing into one of the most favorite activities done by the community to wait for the bedug. A number of points, the location of some people to fishing such as on the edge of the road Selayang Pandang (SP), and the front of the building Regional General Hospital (Hospital) Tarempa. “I personally prefer to fishing, maybe because of the location where we live adjacent to the sea, yes.

Usually when the weather is not hot, like at four o’clock, I’ve been out for fishing. Counting waiting time to break the fast, “said Ian one Tarempa citizens Thursday (01/06/2017). Father of one of these children, even not infrequently invite his wife and children to perform such activities. Problem fish obtained, he admitted he did not really heed. But not infrequently, God’s sustenance often comes so that he can bring the fish catch to go home. “Sometimes bring a wife and children too, so out of motorbikes, streets, time (fishing) indefinite as well.Usually at five or half-past six o’clock in the afternoon has come home.This time does not seem to be fishing, , “He said with a smile.

Not only fishing, going to a number of tourist sites, the choice of Anambas community, especially on the island of Siantan to wait time to break. No need fancy and drain fees, a number of tourist destinations such as Pasir Manang Beach in Tanjung Momong, East Tarempa Village Siantan District to Temburun waterfall, often a community site to wait for the breaking time.

“Usually I do like that, let alone a day like today,” said Usman other Tarempa residents. He said, in addition to around the city of Tarempa and surrounding areas, it also he used to hunt food and drinks to break the fast. Dates and various snacks and cakes typical kampung often he bought to break the fast. “There are epoxes of potato and fish contents, risoles and various wet cakes, I personally used to buy when bedug time is almost there, so after the new streets buy to break the fast,” he said again.