Launch Your Fidget Cube, Now

Launch your fidget cube, now. But if you’re looking for a fun way to entertain or anticipate anxiety, you might be interested in a device called the Fidget Cube.

A project of Antsy Labs, Kickstarter that has attracted a lot of attention (trends) in recent weeks. The simplest way to deal with anxiety with a $ 15,000 initial capital Dollar that was released last week has earned a turnover of up to $ 1.4 million dollars. And when this post published, has managed to collect nearly $ 2.8 million dollars and continue to grow every second.

So what is a Restless Cube? This is basically a small cube-shaped device or toy with six small buttons or switches on its surface: flip, roll, click, rub, spin and glide.

For example there is a button that you can press, there is also a D-pad sort of a fine basin to slide around the finger around it. There is also a switch model that you can flick, there is also a kind of combination lock in a suitcase that can be upgraded.



It’s like a volume button, and the last one is like a joystick to press-push to calm the mind and reduce stress when rubbed.

It must be admitted that this restless cube is likened to something or a special solution for the person who is really bored by making himself seem to be in the middle of nowhere, “I’m bored and do not know what to do”

The inaugural version of this crazy toy cube is banned for $ 19 US Dollars or if dirupiahkan about Rp 250 thousand rupiah per unit, and even then the initial version has been sold out.

The brother duo itself creates a restless toy cube to change the way people view the small movements that some people make in which they may be considered weird.

“Such behavior is often labeled as unprofessional behavior or considered to be anti-intellectual behavior” but this movement is not one that should continue to be stigmatized ugly or mocked as inappropriate behavior ”

Some experts believe that activities to fill anxiety are done as a way to distract the part of the brain that gets bored when we work, which ultimately allows reactions in other parts of the body such as fingers and toes.

Man in his life can not be separated from the problem. Man in his life must have experienced anxiety. Restless classified as an inner illness, this disease can affect anyone, from whatever class, and any nation. When compared with fear, the area of ‚Äč‚Äčoperation is more extensive. For a brave man, it can not be attacked by fear.

Or the one who has an antidote for fear will not touch him either. For example, people who have done wrongdoing will certainly not be afraid to be prosecuted. Similarly, the purpose of making this anxious cube to anticipate anxiety