Ideas To Spark Your Chairs

Chairs are places where we can sit and spend time with them with anything. To be more fun you can beautify your chair to make it more interesting. No need to buy a new chair, simply redesign with unique paint and pretty decoration to get a new look of your old chair.

1. Map Seats
The design of this chair is so unique. All it takes is a map poster and a wooden glue, to be mounted on your chair with a chunk in the shape of a chair

2. New Paint
You can also paint new plain seats with more patterned colors.

3. Pom-Pom Chair
Decorating your chair with colorful cloth balls also beautify your old chair and to be more comfortable to occupy.

4. Paper Chairs
Paste the wallpaper to your seat with the preferred motif will also be interesting to try.

5. Beautiful Chair
Beautify the chair by painting it with a new look

6. Ribbons
Adding a ribbon decoration on a plain seat can also be an interesting alternative to try. Put some ribbons on the sidelines of the back of the chair to look good

7. Cloth Chair
Adding a cushion of fabric to a chair with a favorable fabric will add an interesting impression to your seat. Use gold or silver paint on the chair body.

8. Embroidery Chair
Do you have a chair with holes like a wicker chair? You can do embroidery on the holes to make it more unique views.

Create your imagination in your favorite chair