Ideas To Home Office

Ideas To Home Office. You and your partner work together? Do you like to bring work to home or even work together from home? Luckily if your house is wide enough to be able to use two separate rooms as a place to work.
But what about you who have a limited work area at home? Of course you can optimize the available space at home so that work time remains productive. Check out the design inspiration to create a functional work space for couples.

1. Select Available Table at Home
A simple way for two people to work in one room is to place a table large enough to be used for two people at a time. This method is commonly used in the design of libraries, places of study on campuses, or even companies that have a small number of employees that do not require much room.

Settings like this are suitable for you who only need a laptop to complete the work.

2. Sitting Facing each other
This position is suitable for you, couples who do not receive frequent phone calls so as not to disturb the concentration of couples when working. For storage, give the cabinet behind one of the seats.

But if each partner often needs items in the closet, use the shelf in the center of the table for a fair solution.

3. Sitting Back to Back
If the room in the house still has a large area, you can put two tables on the side of the wall left and right so that when sitting together you and your spouse will be back to back. With a layout like this, you can still have your own space so much more freely in managing the items on the table.

If necessary provide a shelf in the center to store your equipment and your partner. Usually this design is favored by the profession of writers and communication experts.

4. Sit side by side
You can create a layout like in the office in general by sitting side by side. Choose an unused location and are rarely skipped like in the corridor or around the living room near the entrance.

If you still have the rest of the rooms at home but the size is not too broad, this design can also be applied to those who need privacy when working.

5. Select One Corner Room
If you feel you do not want to co-exist with your partner while at work, choose one corner of the room and provide a table with the form L. With this arrangement although working concurrently you still feel privacy.

Provide a shelf at each under the table to store the equipment or if you want to look more minimalist use a floating shelf (shelf) on the table.

6. Separate Table
Although you and your partner are both working from home, it does not mean you should always work side by side. Use one of the rooms in the house and give two simple tables that separate the laying.