How I Made Cherry Cheesecake Cookies Gluten Free

How I made cherry cheesecake cookies gluten free. This one cake is different, the shape is wide, soft tend to be fragile, but it feels amazing.
Because its brittle, I use silfat, if there it is no silfat you can use bread paper but do not dab it with butter or oil.
After out from the oven do not moved directly from the baking pan, wait to cool and slightly hardened. Good luck.
Material :
150 g liquid margarine
40 gr sugar

150 gr of rice flour / cornstarch
70 gr coconut flour / dried grated coconut or roasted

Raisins or cherries for decoration

How to make:
1. Mix liquid margarine with sugar in one container.
2. Add cornstarch / rice and coconut flour to stir well
3. Enter the batterĀ in the refrigerator for about 1 hour (wrap it in plastic)

4. Heat the oven 120 degrees.
5. Prepare silfat or bread paper on the mold without being polished by anything
6. Remove from the refrigerator dough round shape and ornamental with cherries or raisins
7. Enter into the oven, bake about 8 to 15 minutes to widen and edge yellowish.
8. Remove from the oven. (Keep the cake soft) leave it in the mold to cool and slightly hardened.
(About 1 hour an)

9. After hardened and cold set free from the mold.

Good luck šŸ˜€