How Homemade Fidget Balloons Can Be Your Secret Weapon As A Toy

How Homemade fidget balloons can be your secret weapon as a toy. Balloons are the most popular item for children to play. Many activities that can be done when playing with balloons. There are balloons that can be filled with colored water and frozen. There is a balloon filled with sand for a catch-throwing toy. There are balloons filled with gas from a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. There are balloons filled with dough and painted on the face of animals or animal shapes. There are balloons filled with colorful gels. There are balloons that are blown and filled with coins. There are balloons filled with flour. Many kinds of games that can be done with balloons.

Games using balloons are popular among children because of the elastic and colorful. Now more and more balloons of various shapes. The children’s excitement to pull the balloon rubber is included in the activities of rough motor training. Playing with a balloon can also relieve anxiety, reduce stress, eliminate boredom and exercise activities.
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