Holiday in Bandar Lampung, Stop by Klara Beach Presenting Calmness (Beach Vacation Packing Free Printable)

Holiday in Bandar Lampung, Stop by Klara Beach Presenting Calmness (Beach Vacation Packing Free Printable). Beach and Lampung, these two things can not be separated. Lampung Province located in the southern island of Sumatra is indeed endowed by a long coastline. Of the many beaches in Lampung, there is one beach that is always crowded to visit, namely Pantai Kelapa Meeting or Pantai Klara which is an abbreviation of Kelapa Rapat. It is said that the name of the palm meeting refers to the lined palm trees lined up along the coast. Located not far from Bandar Lampung City, Klara Beach can be reached in just one hour from the capital of Lampung Province.

Administratively, Pantai Klara is located in Padang Cermin, Jalan Raya Way Ratay, Pesawaran, Lampung. To enter Klara Beach visitors must pay an entrance ticket of Rp 25,000 per car that can be paid to the guard officers enter the counter, or Rp 15,000 if using the motor. “Entrance fee per person is Rp 10.000, Rp 15.000 motorcycles and Rp 25.000 car.This ticket includes visitors parking fees,” said Sodiq, clerk ticketing Pantai Klara. There is a dock complete with a gazebo that is wide enough to occupy several people at once in the beach Klara.

To go to the gazebo in the middle of the sea not far from this beach, can use a wooden bridge that protrude on the beach. Visitors can relax to enjoy the beauty of Klara Beach from the gazebo, and can see the stretch of the high plains that menglojau connect in the distance. Gazebo is built by the Navy, because there is their name on the roof of the blue gazebo. It is not far on the beach Klara there is a military base used the Navy for training. When entering the road to the beach Klara will also be greeted with a sign saying “Welcome to Navy Region”.

This location is usually used as a training ground for the Infantry Battalion 7 Marines Piabung. To simply enjoy the beach with white sand, this beach is enough pamper feet. The sand is quite smooth and minimal corals. Even if you want to swim can easily find tenants rubber tires are usually used by small children to swim and play on the beach. The shallow Water of Klara Beach keeps the little boy from playing on the beach with rubber tires. Water sports games that can be found on the beach Klara is a canoe with capacity for only one person. The tariff is quite affordable, only Rp 15.000 per hour. The supporting facilities in Klara Beach can be said to be adequate, from the lodge, toilets, bathrooms, to the parking lot. “Visitors in Klara somewhat tolerable for the holidays, but because of this fasting so a little quiet,” said Sodiq.