Handy Tips For Hand Spinner Player

Handy Tips For Hand Spinner Player. The spinner key is on the wheel bearing. This pad reduces the frictional force so that the object can rotate freely for a long time.

Friction force is a force that opposes the direction of motion of objects. The magnitude of the friction force is influenced by the weight of the object and the hardness of the touching surface.

The frictional force associated with the rotating motion, will be smaller than the static frictional force that occurs during the moment because you pull the beam on the floor.

This happens because inside the bearings there are iron balls that are lubricated. This is to minimize the frictional force.

In order for the spinner to spin, then you need to exert the power to rotate it, or so-called torque. You can do it with your fingers or wrist.

So that the round is long and balanced, then the spinner form so important. The center of its spinner mass must be in the center, ie in the rotary axis. The center of mass means, at that point, things can be in a balanced state.