Greatest Toddlers Gifts For Sister, Mother, Grandma Or Female Family

Children also have skills in making gifts. They can decorate and imagine what gifts they will give to their Mother. Many children creations can be made. For example, we can create a hand or foot stamp on some media, as below:

1. Mugs hand stamp Children
Plain mugs can be created with special ceramic paint. Sticking your palms that have been soaked in ceramic paint and glued to the outside of the mug glass. Voila, very beautiful to give to your mother.

2. Painting hand stamp Children
Plain canvas creates with handwriting and stamp. Mother must like it if it’s not on the wall, haha.

3. Card with child’s footprint
Draw on a sheet of thick plain paper and pour your imagination with your feet for your mother.

4. Pot stamp the child’s hand or foot
Decorate the pot with your stamped hands and feet that have been soaked in the wall paint.