Getting Smart With RV Camping Hacks It Works

Getting smart with recreational vehicle (RV) hacks it works. RECREATIONAL VEHICLE (RV) or Car Home Vehicle Tours as well as residence Travel out of town or to tourist attractions is now no longer a problem. But unfortunately, this one matter can not be fully enjoyed by the journeyman in the country. In the land of Uncle Sam, connoisseurs of tourist rituals are spoiled by the proliferation of a unique recreational system called recreational vehicles, or that in the country there is known as RV, stands for Recreational Vehicle.

The RV on the ground is a vehicle just like a walking house. In accordance with its function, RV crammed with a series of life support equipment as if we were in a house. There is a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, but do not ask where the patio is behind. Despite the name of a recreational vehicle, in this Cowboy country, many of its citizens choose to stay permanently on top of this RV, most of them are people who are unwilling to stay in an apartment or are happy to stay close to nature. For information, there are several types of RVs that circulate in the superpower market.

Truck Camper, or pick-up car carrying a large box containing bed, dining table and kitchenette, or called a galley. There are also Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel Travel Trailer. The latter is bigger than the Camper Truck and in our country called Caravan, like hanging out in Taman Safari Bogor. To be able to move around, this recreational vehicle must be towed by a car (Figure 1b). But there is one more type where the house perched on the chassis or commonly called Motorhome. This Motorhome still includes RV clumps, but the shape resembles a bus, about the size of a slightly longer Metromini bus or we usually call a three-by-four bus.

Motorhome is a type of RV that recently popular developed in America. If you are in a Motorhome class of the old type of standard, we feel like we are in a house of type 21, there is a small living room, a simple kitchen, a toilet room fitting size and a mini bedroom. For motorhome this size is quite affordable price by the travelers from the middle class, about US $ 50 thousand to 70 thousand. If you can not afford it, you can still rent in a motorhome rental location scattered in the country of the Barrack Obama.

But there is a more powerful again, Motorhome Deluxe / luxury class. Usually the size of a city bus or Bus Trans Jakarta. Have a length of about 10 to 15 meters with a width of 2 to 2.5 meters (figure 3). If you have something like this, it seems that what is in our house can be transported to take a walk. For something like this, only the celebrities and the thickest ones can have, given the exorbitant price, set in the range of over a hundred thousand US dollars. In accordance tradition, Motorhome and also Travel Trailler is usually hanging out in Camping Park or campsites that provide a large parking lot vehicle. In the surrounding environment, the manager has provided facilities similar to residential environments, such as electricity, water and gas lines. There is also a swimming pool. The traveler stayed parked his Motorhome in the preferred spot. The garden tables and chairs have been provided by the Camping Park manager. While exposed to the morning sun, the travelers usually sit around chatting for hours looking at the natural surroundings.

It is cheating, camping events wear a vehicle that has complete furnishings. But there is unique, the fans of the natural landscape are trying to unite technology and nature. They baseball want busy with the affairs that are usually faced by the camper (lover of nature) conventional. They do not want to bother with folding-tent folding business, looking for firewood, washing clothes in the river or queuing in front of public toilets. Motorhome is able to present all the comforts like facilities provided by four-star hotel. But do not try to call roomboy or receptionist who want to ask for help, because everything must be done alone, from driving, cook to remove the dirt from the tank shelter. But do not worry, motorhome makers like Damon Industry (not for promotional purposes!) Have designed various types of Motorhome to ride and live comfortably. With all the conveniences offered, users of this picnic vehicle do not bother looking for water in the river or create a rain water reservoir, because the tank is perched on the roof and the humping under the floor, can hold fresh water more than 100 gallons (about 380 liters ), More than enough to bathe and wash for a week for 4 family members. The living room has a long sofa that when night falls, it can be opened so a sofabed bed for 2 adults. There is a recliner and a 32 inch TV and internet channels. The kitchen is a high-official home kitchen set, equipped with a gas stove, 4 ovens and a microwave. And the sink is made of stainless steel. Jumbo size refrigerator is ready to guarantee the freshness of logistics congenital for a relatively long time. Although it is in the middle of a forest or in an area where there is no source of electricity around it, no need to worry, because the generator can supply electricity up to 2000 watts, enough to having party event with the neighbors.

For the ‘backward’ business, the toilet is designed to be one with shower room, able to provide comfort in ‘concentrate’ for those who are accustomed to looking for inspiration while hanging out in the restroom. Users do not need to dig the soil for a septic tank, since the decomposer concentrate commonly used in airplanes (Septic System Digester) can be used to decompose and remove dirt odors, so that the dirt piles can be disposed of in the dump safely without damaging the environment.

For ritual ‘straighten body’, this motorhome provides a room on the back like a bedroom equipped with beds the size of Queen Size. In addition, for those who plan to travel to the top of the mountain or hot desert though, this Motorhome has been equipped with heater and air conditioning that can be controlled from the driver’s dashboard.

Thanks to the sliding-out system, the limited space within Motorhome can be widened. With this technology, the wall and floor of the living room and bedroom (depending on the type), can be shifted outward so that the width of 1 meter to the outside side on each side. With just one button push, the room that was only 2.5 meters wide, thanks to this Slide-out System, can be transformed into 4 meters wide, wide enough to hold a show together with the whole family.

But in addition to the pleasures offered, there are also shortcomings for motorhome riders this. One factor that makes people reluctant to drive this type of vehicle is the amount of money that must spent for operational costs, especially is the budget for diesel engine known as greedy fuel. Just imagine, for 1 gallon of solar, can only travel 5 miles, or equal to 1 liter of diesel for every 2 km. Also the price of its exorbitant parts due to its uniqueness so different from regular buses.

Well, I still want to going camping with RV. IT IS COOL.