Eye Catching Gender Neutral Kid Room

Eye Catching Gender Neutral Kid Room. Typically, parents tend to choose a room atmosphere for children, based on their gender, which is blue for boys or pink for girls.

Now, neutral colors are developing. In addition to avoiding gender bias, children can also share rooms with different siblings. Here are tips on creating a child’s neutral room:

Make a theme

The theme of the room is not necessarily limited by car pictures or flowers. Neutral themes can be selected from animals to musical instruments. Teach your child, to recognize shapes, colors and numbers through a gender-neutral theme.

Choose furniture

When buying child room furniture, choose a wood, black, or white. This furniture can later also be used for his brother someday. We are used to buying furniture that can only be used for one child.

Neutral colors

Neutral colors good for boys or girls are pastel colors like sage green, butter yellow, and brown skin. You can also choose the color of espresso, red, and gold brown.

Furniture style

Avoid furniture that has too many ornaments or decorations. Furniture with many details or difficult work, can be seen as a presentation of one gender.

Use wall stickers

If you decorate a children’s room, wall stickers are a perfect way to describe both gender without changing the room’s decor. From the natural atmosphere to the sporting activities, children can choose one of them, as long as it grows and develops.

Combine the room with color

If you are decorating a room for your child of the same gender, consider the colors that match both. The room with shades of brown expreso as a universal color, can be combined with the green color for the male side, and the pastel green for the female side.

Color of pleasure

The neutral room is not just for small children. The teenager, who may not share a room with his brother, has his own colorful pleasures. Ask them what color they like.

The room is multifunctional

If your child’s room is used also for another room, neutral colors can help fuse both functions of the room. Use color palettes such as brown, yellow, and green to unify the room.

Decorate by name

Simple, alphabetical decoration is a popular way to create a neutral space without having to spend a lot of money. The wooden letters on the bed, representing your child’s name. Use unusual letters to bring a unique touch to their room. The more personal the room is, the lower the gender specific nuances are required.