Door Knockers Incident In Filipina

Door Knockers Incident In Filipina. Never heard or may have experienced the incident at midnight, intu your home there is a knock. If that happens in Fhilipina maybe the answer we can say is do not let it happen in his house. Indeed, throughout the history of ghosts in Fhilipina, if one night there is a door to the house that is knocked then he is “The Kumakatok” Trio ghost that brought disaster to the house in question. According to the story if they come to a house in such a way then usually after the ghost trio go then in the house usually likes to have died. If other ghosts have antidote, this is precisely the oddities that exist from this ghost trio which of them is a very beautiful woman. Until now according to the story there has been no penanggkal that can hinder their presence.


Likewise letting them come to our homes is not a way of rejecting their presence. The point even if they we open the door or not then after they go usually like there are members of the family who died …….. whether this curse or indeed that’s the desire kumakatok …. trio hgantu with two men and women very beautiful that often haunts the people of Fhilipina