How To Create Fidget Coin At Anywhere

How To Create Fidget Coin At Anywhere. If you’ve seen children or teenagers are playing things in his hands. Toys are like a top but are rotated with those fingers called the spinner fidget.

The spinner fidget started a trend among Indonesian children earlier this year. However, have parents already found out whether the toys are safe for children to use?

The spinner fidget can be obtained easily on the market. The better the quality, the more expensive the price. Approximately for super grade, this toy is priced up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Want that for free? Make it yourself at home! This is the material and the way of making it.

Tools Required:

  • Cardboard used cereals
  • Toothpick
  • Small iron coins, small coins or nuts
  • White glue and glue stick
  • Scissor
  • Straight pin
  • This spinner fidget toys template can be found on the internet

Ways of making :

  1. Print the template using ordinary HVS paper, cut to fit
  2. Move the template on a cereal carton and make some fruit
  3. Cut out all the fidget pattern prints on the used carton
  4. After the cutting, you can decorate it in various ways. Paint it with acrylic paint or stick it with washitape can also be done
  5. Paste at least four pieces of pattern that have been cut using a stick stick, then let it dry
  6. Find the midpoint of the fidget pattern by folding the template into four sections. After finding it, use the pattern to ground the center of the cardboard surface using a pin.
  7. Make the hole bigger by using the scissor tip until the toothpick fits inside
  8. After that, stick two coins on both ends of the fidget with white glue. Let it dry
  9. In the meantime, you can proceed to create a fidget rotation mechanism using the remaining cartons
  10. Cut out the carton with round pattern of several sheets, then take one then make a hole in the middle with pins
  11. After that, insert the toothpick into the hole, then apply the glue on the edges and let it dry
  12. After drying, insert the toothpick with the round-patterned carton into a dried-up coin foil pattern carton
  13. Cover with a rounded surface surface on the opposite side and apply glue. Let it dry
  14. After a complete drying, your spinner fidget can be used immediately.