Cool, $ 1000 Swimming Pool

Cool, $ 1000 swimming pool. Dare to be guaranteed, nearly all young children like playing water. Just look at the shower fitting, the childrens will linger around splashes of water or soak in bathup and felt as if he were in the pool. Splash…!! here and there. In fact, not uncommon when another car wash, little follow-chipped. Nah care agencies and dirty wet contact with soapy water, which is important fun!

So it’s not a strange thing if your child so regard water as a ‘toy’ fun. For him, the water tastes much sensation. Body so wet, cold, fresh at the same time. Hence, it is often thrown request making pool that can linger around the water.

Costing Build a Swimming Pool
Cost of construction of the pool depends on the design, material, and breadth. By doing so, was charged in counts per square meter. In addition, the cost will be higher depending on the level of difficulty in construction.
But if his intention to build a mini swimming pool, certainly the cost is not so high. Even budget in the range of USD 1000 is more than enough to build it.
Broadly speaking, there are three basic costs in the construction of the pool, the cost of construction, cost of fittings such as a water pump to a filter system, and the cost of care.
The calculation of the construction costs are influenced from the foundation system, the thickness of the concrete wall, and the bottom of the pool. Material selection very influential here. For example, the pool with a ceramic coating.
As assumption wake spacious swimming pool with roughly 4 X2,5 meters with 10-15 cubic water volume and depth is less than 60 cm.
– The cost of construction of concrete including artisan wage of about USD 500
– The purchase cost ceramic $ 200
– Cost of water circulation equipment including filtration container $ 50
– The cost of the pool water circulation equipment $ 50
– The cost of a tank vacuum filtration overflow to $ 30
– The cost of the vacuum sludge in the bottom of the pool of USD 20
– Cost peralon and drain $ 50
– Cost of disinfectant and water purification (chlorine, alum, caustic soda and terusi) $200
– The installation cost of electricity to the pumps and lights around the pool $ 500
– Buy a water supplier to refill water to the brim roughly $ 1000 (if you want practical)

Swimming pool maintenance costs
Do not think of today’s swimming pool must be drained every week and let the water discharged kept clean.
The pool is now baseball life stories so. Indeed, there is every week plus water volume is only between 10-15 percent due to evaporation.
How do I keep it clean? Certainly use chemicals such as chlorine that cost $ 2 per kilos. These materials can be purchased in stores or chemical material.
Let the water awake and not an overgrown with moss or algae, it’s good hand handheld 1-2 chlorine sprinkled every 3-4 days.
It helps keep the water circulation is done every day even though the pool was used for 6-8 hours. Besides the electric current used for the circulation of the electric power is not too great.
Making the pool is expensive is not it? With a budget in the range of USD 1000 has been able to bring their own pool at home.
Continue, not so expensive maintenance costs of capital only so many watt electricity for circulation equipment and chlorine to keep the water.