Beach Vacation Packing Free Printable

Beach Vacation Packing Free Printable. Vacation on the beach can be an option to enjoy a long holiday year-end. Keep in mind the rainy weather is routinely visited at the end of the year. In addition, there are some items that need to be packed in order to vacation on the beach. Here in between.
Drinks. Bring mineral water in refillable bottles. Because, you are easily affected by dehydration on the beach, especially when the sun. In order to get drinking water is always cold. The night before, the contents of the bottle with half water ready to drink. Then lie and freeze in the refrigerator. Before being taken to the beach, fill the bottle with water ready to drink. You will get cold drinking water.

Closed container. Bring a sealed, waterproof plastic container. This container is useful for putting your things out of water, such as mobile phones, wallets, and pocket cameras.

Plastic bags clasp. Select a large size. This pocket is useful for many things. Starting from storing wet clothes to wet towels. You can just use a crackle pouch, but water dripping from the bag can be a hassle.

Plastic waterproof for gadgets. Now has been sold a lot of plastic or waterproof casing for pocket cameras and mobile phones. Use this case so you do not regret it. Already many incidents, the phone accidentally dipped into the sea water.

Waterproof parachute bag. Bring a bag that is easily folded and waterproof. Usually use parachute material. You can put a swimsuit, clothes, until sandals in this bag safely. So sand and water are not about your other stuff.

Small bag with moisturizer. For moisturizing sunscreen until a lip moisturizer, you can place it in a separate place. Making it easier for you when looking for it. The good of course is a small bag that is waterproof. For women, it may include your makeup equipment.

Towel. Beach towels are important items that you must carry. Usually the towel is indeed large in size. The best way to carry it is by rolling a towel. Then give rubber or tie with the rope so it is not easy to loose.

Snacks and food. In some beaches there are often traders who sell various foods. But there’s nothing wrong you bring your own lunch. Choose the practical, such as banana or sandwich. If you have a cooler box, take advantage of it. Use it to bring a variety of fruits in cold conditions, as well as cold drinks. You can make your own picnic on the beach.

Washing hands. On the beach, people often forget to keep clean. After the sand, should wash hands before eating. Practical way can use hand sanitizer. Bring also wet wipes.

Other things. Other items that must be taken of course the camera to capture your holiday moments. Then sunglasses, swimsuit, change of clothes, and flip-flops. There’s nothing wrong you equip yourself with plaster wounds, as well as personal medicines.