Amazing Ramadhan Kareem Secrets

Amazing Ramadhan Kareem Secrets. The month of Ramadan is coming. There is no harm in preparing you for before a full month of fasting.

If you usually hydrate the body by drinking water whenever you feel thirsty, snacking at work time, or filling your stomach during lunch, during Ramadan automatically your body has to adapt. When practicing fasting, the habit should be changed.

In order not to be surprised, here are nine ways you can do to train the body before the fasting Ramadhan begins:

1. Eating in moderation
Start eating moderately. Do not be too frequent snacks because Ramadan is close and this behavior will only increase appetite. Of course in the end you will be harder to fast.

2. Breakfast early
During Ramadan, you need to get up early to perform the meal – before dawn comes. It’s important that you do not miss it. Currently, try breakfast early to help the body adapt to receive food intake at the beginning of time.

3. Reduce snacking
Make sure you eat in three main hours, ie morning, noon and night and try to slowly avoid the habit of snacking. During Ramadan, you are only allowed after maghrib until imsak or before dawn.

4. Reduce coffee
If you are a coffee lover and do not want to experience headaches in the beginning of Ramadan, start reducing your daily coffee intake from now on.

5. Reduce smoking
Smokers who start fasting without preparation will experience various symptoms, such as sensitive, angry, impatient and difficult to concentrate. To reduce this problem, reduce cigarette slowly especially during the day.

6. Do the sunna fast
One way that you can do to prepare yourself before the fasting Ramadan is to practice fasting sunna. Try Monday-Thursday fasting to help the body adapt.

7. Regular sleep
If you usually sleep late and wake up too late, change this habit. Because during Ramadan, you need to get up early for the meal. As an alternative, try to take the time to take a nap for a few minutes.

8. Prepare the dawn menu and break the fast
Preparing the dawn menu and breaking the fast before Ramadan arrives will make it easier, especially in the early weeks of Ramadan. Try to make a list of the menu every week, including the necessary ingredients.

9. If necessary, consult a doctor
If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, consult a doctor, such as whether your condition is safe to fast