99 Must Have For Beach Hacks Clever Ideas

99 must have for beach hacks clever ideas when vacationing on the beach after a week of work activities or just fun for the kids during school breaks makes it a moment to release the tension of mind and muscle during the same day-to-day activities. Take advantage of the moment to the beach by preparing interesting and useful games later on the beach. Here are some beach hacks clever ideas to make your day on the beach with the people who matter in your life worthy of you to take or prepare.

1. Bring baby powder
Did you know that rubbing limbs with baby powder can help remove stubborn sand beaches? This has been proven, so there is no harm in preparing a sufficient stock of baby powder for your family.

2. Make your phone waterproof
Avoid your electronic device from wet fingers with plastic bags. This method is very efficient, because it turns the touchscreen can still work well through plastic.
3. Keep valuables in the diapers
If you want to play with the kids on the beach, but are afraid to leave valuables, there is an easy way to outsmart them. Put all your valuables into a diaper, everyone who sees it will think it is a used or dirty diaper. Who touches used diapers?

4. Balloon
Playing on the beach all day allows your child’s ears to enter the water. This is why you should bring balloons. Blowing activities can actually make the ear back to normal after the water. In addition, the balloon could be the next game alternative after the water, right?

5. One bag of ice cubes
One bag of ice cubes has more function than you know. In addition to storing drinks to keep them cool, melted water can be used for hand washing. After the water you throw away, the pocket you can use as a place of dirty clothes.

6. Gel aloe vera
Aloe vera gel has a soothing function. If you feel too tired or troublesome, you can use this gel for a little relax.

7. Use a laundry bag
The laundry bag can be the perfect container for all your children’s toys. The space is large enough to allow you to bring enough toys, so the holiday feels more fun.

8. Use kitchen utensils
Now you no longer need to spend a lot of money to buy sand beach toys that may only be used once a year. Use the equipment that already exists in your kitchen, they have the same function, right?

9. Create your own space
Put any mat or pedestal you have brought from home as a relaxing space on the beach. Place heavy objects on either side to block the wind from the flying sands.

10. Car parking
If you are forced to park the car just under the sun, try to turn the car in the opposite direction from the arrival of the sun. This will prevent your hand from burning on the way home.

11. Make a bed
Perhaps you will meet tired children playing and sleepy, putting umbrella tents and mats as bedding, this will be the perfect place to rest for a while