90 Contemporary Decor Trends For 2017

Contemporary design may be one of the most interesting designs today. The contemporary decor of interior design reflects the impeccable and sleek impression. That is why contemporary design has in common with a minimalist design.

The style of contemporary interior decor combines a small amount of material into a simple yet elegant design. Although it usually integrates some ornaments as decorations, we can slightly feel the luxury of spreading throughout the rooms of contemporary design rooms.

The first material of contemporary decoration is a combination of metal materials. Metal materials for contemporary decoration include stainless steel, chrome and nickel. These metals are a bit more expensive than other metals such as brass or silver. However, sophistication, neatness and easy maintenance are the advantages of using these materials. They are usually incorporated in decorative elements such as lamps, photo frames, door handles, and kitchen utensils.

The second element is lighting. Like most modern minimalist designs, lighting plays an important role that gives the elegance and spaciousness of the rooms. With contemporary decoration, lighting is usually used to highlight the focal point of the room or even illuminate areas that are not eye-catching. Spot lights are one of the most commonly used in contemporary and modern interior decoration designs. It provides a certain atmosphere throughout the room that uses it.

The last element of contemporary interior decoration is color and texture. For contemporary d├ęcor, neutral colors (white or gray) become the dominant color in the room, while bold or bright colors are integrated into furniture or other decorative elements. One thing for sure, the color combination for contemporary interior decoration should be harmonious. Therefore, before deciding on a dominant color or decorative color, you should make sure that the color you select is harmonious.