85 How To Make Your Concrete Table Top Firepit Look More Simple

How to make your concrete table top firepit look more simple ? Concrete table top firepit, release from stress and fatigue. Take advantage of every space on the page, do not let you waste it.

Generally, the corners of your garden or in the house the hardest room for your decoration. But actually, you just need to combine the needs, imagination, and calculation of the right budget to get concrete table top firepit corner. Here are some ideas for you to choose as you wish and need:

Unique compositions

Create unique compositions using sculptures, ceramic vats, fountains, or other sculptural works here. This composition will draw the eye’s attention towards the corner of your home.

Seating area

You can arrange an attractive seating area around concrete table top firepit. The trick, create an angled bench and arrange various colorful pillows on it.


Put an ornament tree in the corner of firepit area. This tree will soften the corner of your firepit which consists of many lines and impressed stiff.

Lighting arrangement

Give the lights on the corner of your home. Let this light become a beautiful accent when night.

The pool is small

You can also use your garden firepit corner to create a small pond. Not only able to take advantage of the difficult location in your garden, the sounds of the pool also make you feel comfortable.

Mixed composition

Make a composition of a mixture of various materials such as wood, concrete, and various types of plants in corner. For those of you who have a geometric home, this way can highlight the characteristics of your home.

Children play area

For those of you who have small children, create a play area. One of the interesting children’s games is to build a mini rock climbing. Only, you need to consult a sports expert before building a rock climbing area for your child.


Make a trellis on your bench. Way, you can grow the vines, or let the wooden trellis into a unique accent.


Finally, you can create a concrete table top firepit. Here you can gather at night with your family while burning marshmallows, corn, or sausages.

Well, already have an idea?