70 Do You Really Know How To Living In A Camper ?

Do You Really Know How To Living In A Camper ? Finally my ideals we travel around Australia with campervan achieved as well. The last ten days before leaving the country, we packed all the goods (and children) and traveled a thousand and five hundred miles from Adelaide to Melbourne.

Road trips with campervan have been my dream since we wanted to explore the South Island of New Zealand. Unfortunately at that time we were not ready for campervan ria, still unyu and not have enough hours to fly down the streets in Oz and NZ. Fear and doubt overcame us until finally failed to hire a campervan. Well, before returning home to Indonesia because the study period of Dad ended, we have ten days to go for a walk. I immediately suggested to try a road trip with campervan. When else, right?

Roads with rent campervan has become a separate lifestyle in Australia and New Zealand. We dare to do this too because the supporting facilities in both countries are complete: inter-city roads smooth, clear road directions, caravan park (caravan park and camping place) are almost in every city. Anyway it will be safe and comfortable šŸ™‚ We chose the campervan route from Adelaide to Melbourne. The reason is simple, from the eight states in Australia, this South Australia residence we have not yet visited. Plus, we want to stop by Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road, one of the must-see attractions in Australia. That’s how we say goodbye to Australia: walk the coastline from Adelaide to Melbourne via The Great Ocean Road.

Campervan, or a larger version called the motorhome is a car that has been modified interior, equipped with a bed, kitchen and sometimes bathroom. With campervan, we are like taking our home (like a snail) on the way. We do not need to rent lodging all the way because we can sleep in the car. Then what’s the difference with a caravan? If this one is like ‘home’ to be withdrawn / ditowing by car (normal). Caravan does not have its own machine, but has wheels. The advantage of using a caravan, we can release the trailer and leave this ‘home’ in the Caravan Park, so can go for a walk in the city or tourist attractions by regular car. Caravan is favored by retired and senior citizens. Aussie adventurous inhabitants usually have their own caravans stored in the backyard.

There are many things to consider before deciding to walk with a campervan. Do not hire a campervan just because of bandwagon or style-style only. At least we already have a shadow of what to travel with this campervan, do not be sorry in the middle of the road, because the rental price of this vehicle is also not cheap. The type of family who wants to always sleep comfortably in a soft hotel mattress with a temperature controller, should not hire a campervan. This kind of travel suits families of our ‘gembel’ kayaks who do not mind sleeping on folding mattresses, cooking their own meals, and sharing showers and toilets with other travelers.

Although the bed is not as comfortable as in hotels, traveling with campervan has several advantages. The first of course we do not need to bother to rent a hotel, check in and check out. No need to unload the suitcase from car to hotel, to car again. With campervan, we can sleep closer to nature, because campervan can be parked on the banks of lakes, rivers, and even beaches. Early in the morning so open the window, immediately treated to an amazing natural scenery. If staying at the hotel, usually need to spend more in the room to get the best view. Another advantage of campervan: outdoor dining. During this trip, we always have breakfast, lunch and dinner with different views, under the roof of the sky. With a note not rain yes: p

Expensive not to rent campervan? I once counted, budget streets with campervan almost the same as the usual budget car hire and stay at the motel. Campervaning budget would be more efficient than a road trip by staying in a hotel or apartment. But still a little more expensive than the road trip with camping aka set up his own tent.

In addition to preparing a budget to rent the campervan itself, we must prepare a budget for the campervan parking fee (overnight) at the caravan park. I’ve read in New Zealand, many places that can be used for parking and a free night. While in Australia, campervan parks run by local government usually still charge a fee, albeit small. Sometimes this place is not waiting, the owner of the campervan just register themselves and put money in the box provided. Yak, a kind of honesty canteen so deh šŸ™‚ The cost of overnight parking varies, depending on the facilities and location of his caravan park, ranging from A $ 15 – A $ 50, half of the motel rental.