60 Styles Of Changing Table Storage Should Know

Styles of changing table storage. Arranging the nursery is a fun thing, especially for parents while waiting for the birth of the baby. However, it should be done with consideration. The room in addition must be healthy, safe, comfortable, and stylist, also able to give him a positive stimulation. Here are the things to consider in managing the nursery and changing table storage . You should know the rest.

1. Baby Supplies and Furnishings
If the space available is not too big enough to fill the baby’s room with the main baby furniture, such as the bed (crib), changing table diapers, shelves / wardrobe and diapers, and one chair for nursing mothers. But if the room is big enough, you can add baby swings, tables, decorative shelves, as well as toy boxes. Notice the laying of the baby’s furniture to make it easier for the mother to move.
Put furniture or other items in such a way that is easy to reach without removing the freedom of movement. For example, the location of the table for bathing and changing clothes do not fall apart from the crib and cupboard. Likewise with the breastfeeding chair, very good if close to the crib. Choose a chair that has no armrest to keep the mother and baby unrestricted. Place the chair in a corner that gets the rays and can see the outside view.
2. Material Selection, Hue, and Color.
If you already know the sex of the baby through the ultrasound, you can choose the color and style of baby needs in accordance with the baby’s gender. Rooms and furnishings do not use striking colors, because the colors are too light to exhaust the eye. Most ideal use soft colors. The soothing colors are light blue and pink. Color selection should also be similar and not too crowded. Striking colors can be used, but only to beautify or accentuate it. As a wall decoration, frame, ornament on the curtain, or corner of the room where to play.
3. Baby Bedding.
Pay attention always to the safety of the crib by giving him a bumper or fence. Check the robustness and height of the fence so that the baby does not fall off, even when he has started to stand or kneel by holding on to the crib fence. For a blanket, choose a made of 100% cotton to feel soft and comfortable. You can also buy mosquito nets to prevent children from mosquito bites.
Cots do not hang too much decoration. However, the baby’s attention span is still limited, they are difficult to capture many stimuli at once. If you want to, take turns. Do not forget to always keep the hygiene of the stimulus objects.
If we want to give him a toy, we can make a kind of patchwork with geometric shapes, like a black or white circle or circle. The toy should be placed in a distance not too far away, approximately 50.8 cm from the baby’s eyes.
4. Lighting.
Notice the location of power tools and sockets. We recommend that you select a type of socket that has a lid or should be rotated first if you want to use. Do not place the socket below. In addition, you also need to pay attention to lighting placement. In addition to the main lights located in the middle of the room, try also to install a dimmer light table lamp. So, when the baby sleeps, you can install a more dim light, but still can help illuminate you when breastfeeding.
1. Walls.
Perform painting or wallpaper installation long before the baby is born. The reason, the paint and glue used smells quite stingy. To eliminate it takes a long time.
Do not use paint containing lead (Pb) when painting the nursery. Do the painting long before the baby comes. Or select an odorless paint that is now available on the market. So also if you want to install wall paper, because the glue spread the smell is quite stinging.

2. Floor.
It is not advisable to install carpets or rugs in the nursery because they can hold dust. You better use wood floor or ceramic that is not slippery. Choose a floor type that is easy to clean.

3. Ventilation and Air Circulation
Baby’s room should get enough sun, especially in the morning. Can be from windows that always open the curtain every morning or from the ceiling glass fiber / glass that can be penetrated by sunlight. Avoid rooms that do not get light and damp. In arranging the baby’s room, note also the air circulation that comes out and enter