50 Create A Kickass Granny Chic Decor

CREATE A Kickass Granny Chic Decor. Visited to grandma’s house in the hometown, chances are you will be treated to old-style house design and vintage style furniture. Looks the original design details typical works of decades ago. Wondering what kind of vintage decorations are still preserved today. Usually some grandma’s house is still filled with vintage furniture and decorations.

Although it looks more minimalist, floral wallpaper reminiscent of the houses of old. Where this art emerged in the era of the 60’s and is now back into a trend. Knitwear is sure to be at grandma’s house. Parents of the past may make their own napkins to fill their spare time. Usually the knitting model is typical because it is handmade.

Iron beds sometimes decorated with mosquito nets are the most vintage style that can be found in the homes of parents first. One of them at grandma’s house.
The only wall decoration that is synonymous with grandma’s house and vintage style is the art of embroidered walls. Just like a knitting napkin, grandma sometimes makes her own embroidery cloth.